Juniata Feed Yard

Juniata, Nebraska
Sergio Maldonado
P: (402) 751.2215

The best place youíll never leave.
Five, ten, fifteen years and more -- for some, their work at Juniata Feed Yard began as a way of making ends meet and for others, it was a life they always knew they wanted to be part of. They remain part of an organization that continues to be known as much for the capabilities of its people as it is for the quality of beef it produces.

At Gottsch Cattle Company, we know the feeling. Our own history with Juniata Feed Yards started in 1975 as a half-interest partnership with Ken Morrison, feeding 42,000 head of beef cattle. Today, heíd hardly recognize the place.

Juniata Feed Yards produced 74,000 head of beef cattle last year. Our people understand cattle and what it takes to minimize problems and maximize results. Computerized feed mixing, loading and unloading ensure that every detail is accounted for Ė cutting feeding times in half and eliminating waste. Facilities and equipment are kept in top working order to ensure safety and efficiency.

We also recognize that our way isnít the only way. Thatís why we encourage people to contribute their own ideas and contribute to an organization thatís as interested in your own individual success as we are in our own.