North Platte Livestock Feeders

Proven Practices.

North Platte, Nebraska
Manager: Dennis Stuckey P: (308) 963.4386

From ranchers to investors to cattle feeders, when it comes to our customers, everyone is different Ė in their goals, expectations and individual needs. When it comes to finding a custom feeder they can trust, itís North Platte Livestock Feeders.

A partnership between Gottsch Cattle Company, Jeff Biegert, David Wood, Don Devine and John Lacey, North Platte Livestock Feeders brings together the proven practices of experienced cattle feeders, with a management team and crew thatís second to none.

Here, custom cattle are fed with the same attention to feed nutrition and animal health, cost of gain, performance and carcass quality as our own company cattle. Our location offers ideal conditions, with higher and drier ground for improved pen conditions and a climate thatís cooler and more comfortable for cattle at night.

Weíre always looking for ways to improve gains and carcass quality. Which is why we hire the best people and support them with the most modern equipment and feeding facilities to get the job done Ė more efficiently, to maximize profits.

North Platte Livestock Feeders is a full-service feed yard. So, we are able to offer customers the ability to procure and finance cattle, forward market cattle and feedstuffs and even market the finished product. Above all, we pride ourselves on being great people to work with. That means answering calls and questions in a timely basis, maintaining updated source and age verification data and conducting business in a manner thatís in your best interests.

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