Gottsch Feed Yards

Do all the
little things right.

What’s best for the cattle is
what’s best for the business. At Gottsch Cattle Company, that means doing all the little things right -- from dry pens and clean water tanks, to providing the right nutrition and animal health program, to keeping cattle relaxed and gaining the way they should.

It’s not just best practices that have built Gottsch Cattle Company’s reputation as one of the country’s premier cattle producers. It’s our people. They’re experts in the care of cattle and the business behind it – and they’re not afraid to prove it.

One of our experts is Jack Lawless, he is our Feedyard Operations Manager at the Juniata and Red Cloud yards. He will continue to strive for high performance levels of cattle feeding at both yards.

It’s a quality that seems to come naturally to them – to want to do what’s best. And it shows, in the hours they work, the results they achieve and the pride they feel in a job well done.

Hard work has its rewards
There are no short cuts when it comes to supporting our people:

Our facilities are among the best in the industry.

New machinery allows people to get the job done – easily and efficiently.

The latest technology ensures accuracy from measuring feeds and supplements, to ensuring their delivery – on time, every time.

Industry leading compensation plan rewards those team members that strive for excellence in all they do providing incentives for reaching goals in animal health, production and performance.

Let us return the favor
Give us your best and we’ll give you ours. Gottsch Cattle Company feed yards are located throughout western Nebraska – in North Platte, Juniata and Red Cloud. We not only provide you with competitive wages, benefits and great opportunities for advancement, we give you something that no one else can – a reason to stay.