Commodity Trading

Manager: Don Gottsch
P: (402) 289.4421

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Commodity Trading

Managing the risk.
Commodity trading has always been an important aspect of Gottsch Cattle Company. Like many beef cattle producers, we’re able to manage the price and production risks we face as beef cattle producers. But at Gottsch Cattle Company, our activities go beyond simple hedging.

A full-service trading company specializing in ag, Gottsch Cattle Company employs four full-time traders. As such, we actively participate in hedging and speculation – for ourselves and other investors.

Trading for agricultural commodities takes place on The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

ADM Investor Services, Inc. is the intermediary for Gottsch Cattle Company trades.

There is substantial risk of loss trading futures and options on futures. Each investor must carefully consider if this type of investment is appropriate.