Feeder Cattle Procurement

Feeder Cattle Procurement
Manager: Dave Doering
P: (402) 463-6215

Where it all begins.

Proven practices and experience have helped Gottsch Cattle Company earn its reputation as one of the leading integrated beef producers. It begins with our own feeder cattle procurement specialist.

Our head cattle buyer knows the qualities the feeder calves must have:

Number-one English cross and true Angus/Charlois cross
Between 375 and 875 pounds
Steers and Heifers
At least load lots, or more

With beef cattle backgrounding ranches in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and Louisiana, along with company and custom feed yards throughout central and western Nebraska, Gottsch Cattle Company exercises feeder cattle procurement year-round.

Because we believe the best business is repeat business, we treat our providers fairly paying fair market prices for feeder cattle. If doing business with Gottsch Cattle Company interests you, contact our feeder cattle procurement department at 402-463-6215.