Parker Ranch
Pollock Missouri
Manager:Tyson Werkman
P: (660) 292.1674

Manager, N/A
P: (660) 292.1674

What you see is what you get.

Like the dependability of the people who call Parker Ranch home, thereís no question about the quality of the beef cattle we produce. Thatís just as it should be when youíre dealing with the Gottsch Cattle Company.

Here, feeder calves are purchased at about 450 pounds and turned out to grass to get them ready to go to a Gottsch Cattle Company feed yard at about 700 pounds. Itís the best way we know to manage the growth, nutrition and health of the animals Ė and at the same time, control costs.

New to the Gottsch Cattle Company operation in 2007, Parker Ranch provides more than 2,300 acres of grass pasture. In the spring and again in the fall, the ranch is home to approximately 3,500 head for about 90 days.

In that time, our people prove the value of their experience, their knowledge and their commitment to the animals that rely on them for their care. Itís a source of pride for us, a commitment to the idea of ď100 head in, 100 head out.Ē That means hiring people who know cattle, who know how to ride and who know the meaning of hard work Ė day in and day out.

And while you may find yourself wishing for the day you can send those animals on their way. Youíll find yourself just as anxious to start the process all over again with the next bunch. After all, isnít that what ranching is all about?