Haskell County Ranch
Rochester Texas
Manager: Tim Yates
P: (940) 207.0947

Best practices.
Best returns.

For more than 100 years, Texas has been cattle country. But here at the Gottsch Cattle Company’s Haskell County Ranch, we’re taking tradition to the next level.

By setting up operations on a wagon wheel, we’re delivering better gains and fewer health problems. Calves start in small grass traps before moving to larger traps and are finally turned out to irrigated Bermuda grass pasture.

But it’s not only these best practices that are improving performance. It’s our people that make these gains possible. Hard working and highly knowledgeable – they know their cattle. And they’re willing to do what it takes to ensure the cattle perform the way they need to before they move on to a Gottsch Cattle Company feed yard.

In return, we do all we can to make Haskell County Ranch a great place to work – with good communication, competitive pay and benefits, the opportunity for advancement and even contribute to their future with a 401k.

It’s this recognition of our people that keeps them here – and even encourages their sons to come here too.