Rosalia Ranch

Manager: Bill Oates
P: (620) 476.2353

Doing what comes naturally.

If there’s a place on earth that was made for raising cattle, it’s here – in the wide-open country of the Flint Hills is Rosalia Ranch. And nothing looks better on it than the 12,000 head of cattle that are background here each year.

Spread across the ranch’s 10,000 acres, you’ll find more than a breathtaking landscape. You’ll also find a team of men, women and their kids who’ve made ranching their life and Rosalia Ranch their home.

It’s just part of doing what comes naturally to them.

Up before dawn, working most days of the week, this crew of five  working full time and one working part time – manages the herd to ensure the highest gains and the best possible beef, in the most cost-effective manner.

Part of the Gottsch Cattle Company’s operations, you see the results of their work – in the performance of these cattle at the feed yard. Easier transitions, faster gains and a quality finished product.

In return, we provide good pay and housing, health insurance and paid time off, 401k and the ability to move up in the company. It’s the result of doing what comes naturally to them. How does that sound to you?