Where life is more
than making a living.

Manager, Jeremiah Rieken
P: (402) 463-6215

Join any Gottsch Cattle Company ranch and there are two things you can count on – no day is the same as another, and at the end of each day, the goal is to have everyone done by five and having supper with their family by six.

It’s not easy to do, when everything you do requires you to put the cattle first. But then again, neither is life on a ranch.

It takes a special kind of person to want this life. Cowboy clothes and high-minded ideas about your abilities aren’t enough. To make it here, you’ll have to prove yourself in your job -- and to the people you work with. The final proof is in your ability to keep cattle healthy and growing so they’re ready to perform well when they move on to a Gottsch Cattle Company feed yard.


What You Get in Return

Take one of our cattle ranch jobs & you will be
rewarded with:
• A Great Salary
• Health Insurance
• Paid Vacation
• 401k
• Christmas Bonus

Our facilities are the most modern, providing you with the tools and equipment you need to make the best use of your skills and talents – whether it’s riding horseback or on modern machinery.

Plus, you’ll work with others you respect, in an environment where management is available and involved – providing you the communication you need to get the job done right and the recognition you deserve for a job well done.

Come See Us
Gottsch Cattle Company ranches are located in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. Here, cattle are backgrounded and turned out for seasonal grazing. In between, there’s still plenty to do. All the things that make Gottsch Cattle Company a premiere integrated beef producer and make you proud to be part of our organization.