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Gottsch Cattle Company

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It’s more than a name.
Since 1957, through three generations and across the great plains of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas, Gottsch Cattle Company has grown to become the premier cattle production company. But it’s more than just a name that makes us the company we are today.

It’s a belief that a job’s not worth doing if it’s not done right. It’s the pride of seeing that what you do makes a difference in the company – and in yourself. It’s a commitment to attracting the very best people – and then giving them the very latest equipment, technologies and responsibility to be successful. Above all, it’s the knowledge that it takes more than talk to make people want to do business with you.

The results speak for themselves.

Gottsch Cattle Company, part of Gottsch Enterprises, is one of the most successful, fully integrated beef producers. This allows us to apply our stringent standards for animal health and husbandry to produce a quality product at every stage of cattle production. Our operations include:

Proven people and methods of grass and forage backgrounding establish calf health and conditioning, with minimal stress.

Feed Yards
– State-of-the-art technologies, quality equipment and clean facilities, along with some of the industry’s most experienced people enable Gottsch to create all the right conditions for the best possible product.

Custom Feeding
Full-service operation offers the flexibility of financing, forward contracting, source verification and custom finishing – delivering greater value for our customers’ investments for optimum gains.

Commodity Trading
A full-service trading company, specializing in ag, Gottsch participates in market activities as it makes sense to the company’s operations.

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